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Tilly’s Story

This is Tilly's Story as told to members of the Association at the last Get-together held at Guildford.Hello my name is Tilly Winson, I’m a proud Perthes child ! I would like to tell you about my journey through Perthes disease. I am currently twelve and half years old and am at the final stages of my journey with bi-lateral Perthes disease which we had never heard of before, so mum found Perthes Association on the Internet which has been very useful.

Ollie’s 58 Medals make his consultant smile !

JustGiving need to know you care about Perthes Association!

Starbucks Host Fun Day at Fort Road, Birmingham.


Carl’s Trilogy of Cycling Events

I am cycling a trilogy of cycling events for PERTHES ASSOCIATION because They helped my parents when I was a child : I will be doing the following events to raise money for this wonderful charity:-