Archive of Stuart's 15,000ft Tandem Parachute Jump

Stuart’s 15,000ft Tandem Parachute Jump

Royal Navy Fire Fighter says “Thank you !”

Adam Beasley is a Royal Naval Firefighter who suffered from Perthes disease as a child and who has an ambition to help children currently suffering from this condition, he set himself the task of cycling non-stop for 24 hours both to raise funds and to raise awareness of Perthes disease.


The UK children’s charity Action Medical Research is funding research at the University of Hull to help develop screening guidelines to identify those at risk of getting the disease. Investigations into possible treatments are also underway.

Oliver’s Story

The story of a young boy whose determination to not let Perthes disease get him down, made him a Star.

Paris to Geneva – Matthew Rides again for Perthes!

Star of Tomorrow – Alfie Hewitt – Winner of the World Junior Masters Wheelchair Tennis

This week we feature Alfie Hewitt aged 15 who already has shown that Perthes disease is not a show stopper - he is an inspiration to other children with Perthes disease with his grit, determination and sense of humour......