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Unsure on treatment
Carly CottonPostJune 11, 2016, 17:11
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February 8, 2016, 10:51
Normal topicUnsure on treatment

Hello, my son Harry is 7 and was diagnosed with perthes in January. I read a lot of information at the time but with restricting him as much as possible, no pe at school etc he showed a great improvement. I thought in July at our next visit they would say there was a huge improvement. Suddenly the limp and pain are back with a vengeance. Harry has perthes in both hips with the left being far worse. However the pain has only ever presented in the right leg. I took him to a&e last night due to extremely restricted movement in his right leg. The x Ray showed no change but the movement is at only 5% going inwards. The orthopaedic team have said to wait until July to see the consultant. I feel that is still quite a way off and at points today he has not been able to walk which makes me think he would befitt from a wheel chair. I wonder how much experience they have as its rare and whether I should get a second opinion.

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