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Try not to worry
GuestPostJanuary 18, 2012, 23:59
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Normal topicTry not to worry

I know it sounds hard, but please try not to worry so much. As a child I had Perthes and I can tell you the more your paretns and those around you worry, the more the child worries. The word dissease sounds scarey, personaly I think it a bad name choice for Perthes. It is NOT a disease you can catch from someone, it is NEVER life threatining. I have seen far worse diseases and illness. It is not a nice thing to see a child have, yes it hurts a lot and yes it is very anoying, but it should not be a reason to panik. The trouble is not that many doctors know engouth about it or you hear words and terminology that sounds scarey and are never properly expalined to you. Make sure you get these things explained and find out what you can so you can understand it and teach your child to understand it. As a child I hated being left in the dark by people, my parents being told more than I was about it. If the child knows other people get it to and it wont kill them they can deal with it so much better. At least your child is alive!

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