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My son is 4 years old and was diagnosed 8 weeks ago,he started school in September.I had a meeting with his new teacher to explain to the best of my ability about Perthes, I made it clear to her that he is not to run, jump or hop as this would cause more damage to the bone and cause severe pain for him. He had been at school for about a week when he was coming home crying in pain with his leg I asked him about his day at school he said that he had done P.E he said that they were running around pretending to be various creatures.I then asked about play time he said that he enjoyed chasing and catching his friends and that he was the fastest runner. The following morning I questioned the teacher about him doing P.E and running around, she said that they hadn't done it, clearly she was covering her own back as I had spoken to other parents and their children had said they had done it to and had really enjoyed it. I am so upset to think that school are not taking me seriously, I have arranged a meeting with the head,the SENCO co-ordinator and his teacher to try to make them understand his condition, I have just received your information pack it has helped me to understand Perthes more and I will take it with me to the meeting to show them. Has anyone else experienced any trouble at school? Help! 🙁

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