Wheat Bags !

Ok, “what is a wheat bag” I hear you ask – a wheat bag is a bag filled with – wheat. You can put it in the microwave to heat up with a glass of water, and it stays warms for ages! Its more comfy than a hot water bottle and you can make them all kinds of shapes.

You can buy them quite cheaply from boots or online from I think Amazon sell them too so search on Google if you are looking for the best buy.

These are also very easy to make, and if you have an artistic flair you can make lots of them for presents for others. They are useful for everyone, not just for Perthes, but for arthritis, toothache, migraine, back ache, period pains, sports injuries etc.,

I would recommend a warm wheatbag for Perthes disease, but they also work like an icepack, pop them in a polythene back and put them in the freezer for a few hours – mine was invaluable when I had my knee replacement.

Things you need:

Wheat grains – about a kilo (2-2.5 lbs) – you can get this from your local health food shop (or maybe pet store?). You just want the small dense pellets, not all the stalk and stuff.

A material which is close weave, cotton velvet is lovely, or cotton corduroy which can be bought in a variety of patterns, and often you can pick up a remnant quite cheaply – or you can make a calico bag and then put a removable cover on it. (but don’t use a zip as it may overheat).

Some lavender or essential oils, if you want to mask the wheat smell!

How to make it!

First decide what shape you want to make it. My favourite is a long rectangle, approximately 15cm (6inches) by 40cm (14 inches?), because its good to wrap around my leg, and good to warm my feet up in bed at night. However a small pillow shape is good for targeting all kinds of pain. Make sure you leave the bag half empty it shouldn’t be tightly packed.

Cut out the shape from material you have chosen, you need to cut a shape twice as big and fold the corners together to make the final bag. Now sew two sides, so one side is the fold, and one side still has an opening into the bag.

Put in your wheat, and lavender/other oils/ smelly things. Make sure the wheat has plenty of room to move. Then sew closed the open end.

To make a cover repeat the same procedure but about 1 cm larger on all sides. Make sure with this one, you make the bag inside out, then turn it right way up through the open end. Slip the basic wheat bag inside, add poppers or Velcro to close.

And there you are! Your very own wheat bag. To heat simply place in the microwave with a glass of water and heat for approx 2 minutes, depending on your microwave.