M.E.D. Sufferer to take part in the Boston Marathon

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Pete Hopkins writes :

” Support me as I run the Boston Marathon, the Bone Frog Challenge, and multiple Spartan Races to raise money for a cause that is near and dear to my heart!

Back in 1994, I was diagnosed with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia and soon after had undergone a bilateral femoral osteotomies to correct my gait alignment. Afterwards and throughout my youth, I always felt like I was at a loss, physically, unable to participate in the same activities as my peers. In the latter years of high school, I’d wrestle, kick box, pole vault, etc.. building the confidence I lost. After school, eventually I would join the United States Army and fight along side the infantry, I’d run marathons and engage in adventure races.

While my results are atypical, it’s important that those who are effected by this condition are still afforded adjusted opportunities to remain physically active. Even today, more research is being done to identify the genetic markers for this disease, aid in early identification, and develop new treatments.

Skeletal dysplasia effect many people in a wide range of severity. Help us raise awareness for these conditions and support those effect by them! Donate!  For the link To donate click here!


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