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Morven and Vhairi Davies are taking part in the loch ness marathon for PERTHES ASSOCIATION As many of you know Erraid Davies who suffered from Perthes disease w on a Bronze Medal in the 2012 Paralympics in London. Her sisters are very proud of all she has achieved, and wanted to do something special to show her how proud they are of her and to  raise money for the Perthes Association. If you would like to support this event you can donate via Justgiving  

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Wonderful News on The Research Front!

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UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL NEWS RELEASE Researchers to develop software to improve treatment of child hip diseases Researchers from the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester have been awarded £278k to help investigate the best surgical treatments for hip diseases in childhood. Arthritis Research UK (ARUK) have awarded £278K to three researchers, Daniel Perry from the University of Liverpool and Professor Tim Cootes and Dr Claudia Lindner from the University of Manchester, for a study called the Outcome Research in Children’s Hip Disease (ORCHiD) study. Significant hip deformit

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Family Cycle Challenge – 18th September 2016

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Roll up, roll up. Announcing Perthes Association family cycle challenge. 18th September at Markeaton Park in Derby. Carl Andrews has managed to source (incredibly cheaply) and hire of a fleet of adapted bikes – including hand cranks, side-by-side tandem, wheelchair bikes, trikes and a quad for people to use.

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Dear Members and friends, Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you all for your continued support – without you there would be no Perthes Association and no support network, for the many families whose lives are affected by Perthes disease. It has been a tough year financially, with the number of new cases referred to us still growing and the number of new charities springing up, making the competition for funding even harder for a charity like ours.

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M.E.D. Sufferer to take part in the Boston Marathon

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Pete Hopkins writes : " Support me as I run the Boston Marathon, the Bone Frog Challenge, and multiple Spartan Races to raise money for a cause that is near and dear to my heart! Back in 1994, I was diagnosed with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia and soon after had undergone a bilateral femoral osteotomies to correct my gait alignment. Afterwards and throughout my youth, I always felt like I was at a loss, physically, unable to participate in the same activities as my peers. In the latter years of high school, I'd wrestle, kick box, pole vault, etc.. building the confidence I lost. After s

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