Starbucks Host Fun Day at Fort Road, Birmingham.


Carl’s Trilogy of Cycling Events

I am cycling a trilogy of cycling events for PERTHES ASSOCIATION because They helped my parents when I was a child : I will be doing the following events to raise money for this wonderful charity:-

Stuart’s 15,000ft Tandem Parachute Jump

Royal Navy Fire Fighter says “Thank you !”

Adam Beasley is a Royal Naval Firefighter who suffered from Perthes disease as a child and who has an ambition to help children currently suffering from this condition, he set himself the task of cycling non-stop for 24 hours both to raise funds and to raise awareness of Perthes disease.


Our Summer Get-together held at The Holiday Inn in Guildford was a great success, families who attended from all of the UK listened to talks by Robert Hart (sibling of someone with Perthes disease) who talked about the day to day life of living with a Perthes sufferer and how the whole family had been affected, he also spoke about how proud he was of his brother for all his achievements.