Royal Navy Fire Fighter says “Thank you !”

Adam Beasley is a Royal Naval Firefighter who suffered from Perthes disease as a child and who has an ambition to help children currently suffering from this condition, he set himself the task of cycling non-stop for 24 hours both to raise funds and to raise awareness of Perthes disease.

I first heard about Adam about 18 years ago when he was diagnosed with Perthes disease. His dad Leading Fireman Steve Beasley and 3 of his friends from Longton’s Blue Watch hauled Adam up to the
top of a 4100ft Cairngorm Peak to raise funds for Perthes Association, but Steve being ex-RAF found an easy way down – he had a Sea King Helicopter from Lossiemouth pick them up, much to young Adam’s amazement!
As an Association we were so grateful for this fundraising event and so proud of them all for their achievement. Please look at the Gallery and see Adam then and now!

Adam is now a Fire Fighter in the Royal Navy and very much following in his father’s footsteps!

Below are letters received from Adam :

Letter 1. My name is Adam Beasley, Age 25 and a previous sufferer from perthes disease.I was diagnosed at the age of 5 with the condition and fully recovered by 9 years old. Throughout the condition I had great support from this charity and received various helping aids such as the hand propelled bike.

I am now serving in the Royal Navy as an Naval Airman (firefighter) and it is now my ambition to say thank you to the charity that helped me get back on my feet. I had to overcome various medicals and specialist meetings to be allowed in the military, however now that I have successfully passed in, I would like to support the association by representing the Royal Navy.

My aim is to complete a 12 hour non stop cycle on a spinning bike at the naval base gymnasium at RNAS Culdrose, Helston on October 3rd.My first aim was 24 hours but due to health and safety I am only allowed to complete 12 hours.
I will have various people helping support the event for resources needed with food and drink etc.

I am sure I will gain a lot of sponsorship from the naval base and no doubt the Navy news will pop by to support the event with media coverage.
Therefore I would like your help and assistance for sponsorship forms, promotional tshirt I can wear for the event and anything that may help collect money for your charity.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a page on Just Giving and would be grateful for any donations

Letter 2.

Well I can finally say that event is over now and I’m suffering in many ways today. However It was definitely well worth it and the support was fantastic. I managed to complete 162 miles over the 12 hours and so far raised £583.31.
The day was long and I ‘hit the wall’ around 8 hours in but I knew it was worth every mile. Not the best timing to have 2 wisdom teeth out the day before and a torn ligament in my ankle but the medical staff on base helped with ice packs the night before.

As a previous sufferer of Perthes and wheelchair bound for 4 years, I can say things do get better and once your child has recovered they will really appreciate what they can do in life and make the most of it. It certainly hasn’t stopped me, in fact it just makes you stronger!!

Thanks again for all the support !

So there we have it, Perthes disease is not life threatening, but life changing – Thank you Adam for helping us to help children who are currently suffering from this potentially disabling condition!