Simon says ” It’s not all doom and gloom”.

My name is Simon Scarborough and I am 36 years old and was diagnosed with Perthes at the age of 7 and got signed off from the Leicester Royal Infirmary at the age of 15

The pictures on your website remind me of the same treatment I went through, with the broom across both plastered legs & a special wheel chair, i remember the plaster being on for a long time.

After a few years of being self conscious when I was growing up wondering what I could do or couldn’t do I am now trying to be as active as possible, ensure the doctors clarify if they believe the child will have any limitations playing football cricket etc.

After being signed off I a played five a side football, cricket & rugby, latterly deciding to give rugby a miss through being bit paranoid.

To bring you up to date even thou my left leg is shorter than my right leg and I do walk with a limp, I wanted to let you know Oct this year I completed the Birmingham Half Marathon in 3 hours, not a mega time but completing was my aim.

So in summary re-assure the parents it’s not all doom & gloom, look on the bright side

Simon Scarborough