NLv4P1QhP_w4lNG6XVcYMJCBGByikvCsEhkC8TmlHysOur Summer Get-together held at The Holiday Inn in Guildford was a great success, families who attended from all of the UK listened to talks by Robert Hart (sibling of someone with Perthes disease) who talked about the day to day life of living with a Perthes sufferer and how the whole family had been affected, he also spoke about how proud he was of his brother for all his achievements. Becky Smith one of our Trustees who suffered from Perthes disease spoke about being “A Positive Perthes Person” as she described how being disabled by Perthes disease as making her aware that children with Perthes feel different, but talking of her own life and career she explained that being different could have a very positive effect on their lives and her mother Rose Smith our Senior Trustee spoke about 20 years living with Perthes disease and working for the Charity.

The children had a lot of fun thanks to entertainer Mr.McDonut and met old friends and new as their parents did the same.